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Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors

We are a team of highly skilled masonry contractors who can provide reliable and professional services.

Our Mission

We are a team of highly skilled masonry contractors who can provide reliable and professional services. We are interested in forming a customer service experience and relationship with every one of our clients and were always available to take on new challenges. We have worked really hard to get to where we are and each of our staff member has years of experience in the masonry industry providing a number of different services to clients. With our ongoing experience we have developed community relationships and a standard of customer service that leads the masonry industry. We take pride in having people call us and tell us “you were recommended to us by a close friend of ours”. Do not put your home, your family, and your money at risk. Trust Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors to deliver on time and on budget. We do care, when we finish a job, we consider our clients always ours. And we look forward to help them with their next projects. We warranty our jobs. At Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors we stand behind our work with pride.

Amazing Results and Customer Relation

We provide dedicated project managers for every one of our projects. By providing these project managers, we can keep you updated regarding your project as well as answers for any question you might have. We are always interested in improving and with project managers available you can provide your feedback on how we can improve. We push our staff to constantly learn about new products, new methods and new tools that we can use in our industry to provide a better level of service. This means that you will always be guaranteed to get the newest masonry products which will ensure for the longest lifespan on any project we complete for you.

Stay In The Loop, With Project Updates

We are also a company that have fully insured employees. With insurance we can provide more reliable and professional service to you. Each of our employees is covered in the event of an accident and our insurance also works to protect you as a homeowner against property or personal damage.

Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors also provides ongoing warrantees as we stand behind our service fully.

In our time in the masonry industry within this area we have worked to become a trusted member of the community. With our reliable service we have completed hundreds of successful projects with great customer experiences. We work tirelessly to satisfy our customers with every project we work on.

If you would like to find out more information about us, or receive a quote for our services, please feel free to contact us by Phone, E-mail, or we will come to you.

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