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In homes of a certain age there is a good chance that you will see cracks and serious issues with window sills. Windowsills simply aren’t something that can last forever and the way that many windowsills are constructed makes them extremely susceptible to cracks, mould issues, structural issues and more.
Restoration or replacement is absolutely required when your windowsills deteriorate because it can affect the integrity of your house, the health of the people within it as well as your heating bill from windows which are not sealed properly.

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Over time outdoor windowsills as well as older style indoor stone windowsills, when exposed to moisture can start to crack away and show signs of wear. When using these types of windowsills a simple crack or problem when it comes to moisture entering into the windowsill could end up costing the homeowner expensive replacement charges and repairing charges. Repairing windowsills requires a really steady hand and precision skill. Replacing windowsills which are made out of concrete, stone and other masonry features on an older house will take real skill especially when it comes to assessing the damage, taking out old materials and eventually repairing the damage so that the home is still structurally sound and the windowsill seals properly.

Brick and stone windowsills tend to break down and require work for a few different reasons:

    • Too many joints: sometimes when windowsills are installed they are installed using a method that includes too many mortar joints which can lead to far too many spots were moisture can get into the home, wreak havoc with the window frame as well as cause issues of mold within your home and heating issues.
    • Weeping vents remain unplugged: during initial construction of your windowsills even in newer homes, on the outside of homes special vents need to be plugged during the construction process otherwise water can become trapped inside during future construction. If weeping vents remained unplugged during construction there’s a good chance that there is water trapped inside of your windowsill which can cause moisture issues throughout your entire home.
    • Windowsills may have been installed with insufficient slope: windowsills need to have a sufficient slope to make sure that water does not sit inside the brick or window frame. Adjusting the slope of your windowsill or replacing your windowsill is something that requires precision. Trust us to perfect the right amount of slope to ensure that water will run away from your windowsills.
  • The edges do not allow for dripping: most windowsills have a special edge that is created to ensure that water will drip away from your home and doesn’t collect in the bricks underneath a windowsill. Most construction experts are able to perfect this no drip edge to ensure that extra moisture isn’t finding itself into your home.

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Should you require outdoor window sill repair and moulding is always best to look towards Ottawa masonry & Parging contractors. At the same time, if damage has already occurred in other places around your windows, we would be able to address the issue on the spot.

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