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When it comes to stone masonry or redesigning an older home or building with a new classic look, Ottawa Masonry Contractors stone work is the way to go.
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Whether you are building a new home entirely out of brick or you simply want to re-purpose your existing home, you can experience a number of advantages that make brick better than vinyl sidings.
Parging repair work is occasionally needed on your home to help deal with moisture, cracks and damage.
If you have a natural fireplace or chimney in your home it’s important to regularly inspect the brick and masonry to ensure the structural integrity.
In homes of a certain age there is a good chance that you will see cracks and serious issues with window sills.

At OMPC, we provide many services that are crucial for our clients’ homes, and help you get back your garage floor in good shape is one of them.

Long after brick has been installed there is a chance that it will require retouching and repointing.

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