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If you have a natural fireplace or chimney in your home it’s important to regularly inspect the brick and masonry to ensure the structural integrity. If your chimney has major cracks or issues with its construction there is a good chance that it may one day fall down and cause you serious issues in the form of roof repair, water leakage, damage to your home as well as the full cost of rebuilding a new one. The process of building a chimney is not something that should be undertaken by just anybody. If installed or improperly inspected, it could lead to a fire hazard or a serious safety hazard to your home. Not to mention doing the work on your own could void any insurance claim that you make on replacement or repairs.

When you are hiring a contractor to inspect and repair your chimney for cracks, mortar repair, it’s always important that you check their credentials and look across multiple estimates. The cost for repair could be extremely expensive and getting multiple recommendations can never hurt . Good contractors should be insured and above all know what they’re doing.

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Just like any other masonry part of your house the brick and mortar can crack and become a safety hazard. Many times, it is because of age and exposure to many hot and freezing cold weather. Homeowners should get it inspected and cleaned regularly and this is a task that is normally left to a professional. Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors will be able to identify any issues that may need repair and fix them before they become major causes for concern that might damage your house or pose risk to your safety.

On occasion a chimney cap will also require repair. Caps are usually put in place when a chimney becomes active or when a person simply stops using their fireplace. When caps become unsealed this can lead to leaking, moisture and other issues inside the chimney and the home. Caps can be fairly easily repaired by an expert and also installed to disable the use of your fireplace or to close off your chimney in the event that you get a gas fireplace or would like your chimney completely filled in. Caps are definitely recommended because a concrete cap or metal cap is used to keep out moisture as well as any number of small animals. Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors provides you with a fair quote for capping your chimney and disabling it.

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Depending on the climate that you live in, other aspects of the chimney beyond just brick-and-mortar may also need repair. We have been there and we have done it again and again. Our experts in chimney repair will be able to repair and maintain the brick-and-mortar aspects of your chimney. If you live in an area where the winter weather is particularly demanding there is a good chance that you can see significant damage to the inside and outside of your chimney. This is because quite often metal and brick do not react well to constant and sudden shifts between warm and cold weather. This type of brick will wear much faster than other sections of your home and because of this it’s very important that you are constantly checking on the status of your chimney or getting regular inspections.

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