Brick Repointing

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Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors understands fully the importance of having a healthy looking home. Long after brick has been installed there is a chance that it will require retouching and repointing. This is because brick will wear down over time. There’s a good chance that brick and mortar can begin to wear away and start to crack. Depending on the climate that you live in certain types of brick may wear down faster than others and you may find that older builds require attention every few decades so that they can maintain their original look without any serious cracks or issues in the construction.

As mortar surrounding your brick starts to slowly erode your home could become the perfect candidate for repointing. Repointing is the process of chipping away any of your old worn out mortars which have slowly eroded away over the decades and placing in new masonry cement that will give your home a much stronger exterior and a more updated look.

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Eroding mortar can be a real problem when it comes to home and it can lead to serious misplacement in bricks, cracks and weak spots. If you have an older home it’s extremely well recommended that you inspect your mortar and see if your home may be a good candidate for repointing.

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Our experts will handle repointing by using special chisels and tools to remove any old cement form. OMPC will fill in these gaps with brand-new mortar that will strengthen your home and give it a brand-new look and improving the overall structural integrity of your home.

Old mortar can freeze and crack over time and serious cracks in mortar can lead to massive problems when it comes to your home. Freezing and cracks within your home leads to real water penetration which can cause leaks within your home as well as issues when it comes to heating and cooling your home. The brick around your home is one of the most essential structure that requires very low maintenance if it’s properly build.

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For OMPC, this process is much different than building a brick home or repairing brick and takes real patience and care to make sure you get reliable and quality work.

The process of repointing an entire home can take a number of days to actually complete and the mortar will take at least one full day to harden before it can be retouched and blended in with any existing work. We also work at blending new mortar in with old mortar and old sections of your house that have been repaired or are structurally sound. By doing so, we make sure that any of the new sections of your house that have been repointed will look the exact same as the older sections of your house which were repaired.

We believe repointing is essential to keep your home healthy-looking. At OMPC, we work hard to exceed expectations in all aspects of masonry. We also strive to give our clients outstanding customer experience from the day we give out a quote until we finish the job.

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