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Whether you are building a new home entirely out of brick or you simply want to re-purpose your existing home, you can experience a number of advantages that make brick better than vinyl sidings. Brick lasts longer than vinyl or wood sidings and it only requires a small amount of repair after decades of wear.

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Brick homes usually command higher-priced tags and have a greater resale value than homes that are created using vinyl or wood siding. Homeowners are looking for brick because it offers a classic look and is extremely durable and maintenance free.

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Some of the main advantages that make it better than vinyl siding or wood siding include:
Brick walls are remarkably good at providing high-quality insulation for any home. Also it works so well at insulation because the interior side of the wall will retain the temperature inside your home and reflect that heat back inwards. This also works well in the summer because even during the hottest temperatures you get from the outside, your nice cold air stays in. This works pretty much better than lighter siding materials.

Not to mention it will increase the value of your home. Sure it will cost a lot up front to build your home with but this upfront cost is supremely justified when you think of all the money that you will save in home repairs, insurance and maintenance. Insurance companies will actually allow you to save a small portion of money when it comes to insurance because it is more secure. Its attractive and it can increase the resale value of your home by up to 6% making the upfront cost well worth it.

Brick will have minimal maintenance issues that you’ll have to watch for, but overall the walls are extremely easy to maintain “if needed” once they are built. To keep it looking its best all you may need to do is give the brick a quick spray with your hose for the first years. Most brick homes look just like the day they were built for their first years of life but after this sometime, the bricks may begin to get loose or chipped and may need repairs. For repairs or installation, you can trust Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors to be experts in brick wall repairs and installation. We know the right type of cement to use, how to match the bricks and how to repair complex joints and configuration so that your brick can look just as it did when it was installed.

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Many homeowners count on us for installation but also repairs. Common repair issues include cracks, issues with drainage as well as chimneys. Chimney repair is a common issue because chimneys can take a lot of wear being perched up on the roof year in and year out. Chimney repair is something that really needs to be done by an expert to ensure that you can still enjoy fires within your home as well as use your chimney as intended. Chimneys which are not properly constructed can lead to serious hazards within the home.

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Our expert masonry professionals will examine your brick for any cracks or weak spots and then restore your property to its initial standing. You can trust Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors experts that have extensive experience in the industry and working with a variety of different types of brick. We can cover repair services as well as match your existing brick for any renovations or extension projects that you might have. It’s understandable that you may want to expand your home but getting brick and materials that match your existing home is very important to keeping the look of your home intact.

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