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Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors Stone Work

When it comes to stone masonry or redesigning an older home or building with a new classic look, Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors stone work is the way to go. Stonewalls masonry is an ancient craft that can be seen in many homes around the world. In ancient times stone masonry was one of the best ways to build long-standing monuments and impressive buildings that would last throughout ages. As such, stone masons have always had jobs to do throughout history and some of the most famous and historical buildings that you might see in your local area may have been built using stones. With amazing ideas, OMPC delivers the best results for your home.

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Stone masonry is perfect for creating a beautiful and historic look inside and outside a home and also stands up remarkably well, giving your home real durability. Stone can hold up far better than concrete or other materials when it comes to wear. With the help of our experts at Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors you can actually work at getting custom homes entirely built completely out of Stonewall.

Give Your Home An Amazing Look With Stone Masonry.

  • The look of course. Stonework makes your home look beautiful and amazing by giving it a unique look. Stonewalls masonry also works at giving your home an enormous resale value: a stone home is attractive because it doesn’t take extra maintenance, it’s extremely durable and it’s very attractive to prospective homebuyers. The home with stone accents or home its construction of stone has an enormous resale value and can really stand apart from other homes in your neighbourhood. When you decide to sell, you will be thankful that you got stonewalls masonry.
  • Stone is one of the most maintenance-free and durable building materials available on the market. A stone house will never make you worry about vermin, termites or dry rot because the material is simply impossible for many types of vermin and pests to penetrate into. Stonewalls masonry along the outside of your house can also make sure that you have very little home maintenance to do. Unlike wood siding and other types of building material once stone has been set in place you may simply need to clean it once in a while to maintain its colourful exterior and most of the time the rain will take care of that for you anyway. 
  • Stonewalls masonry can also help you save money on your heating: stone is extremely dense and depending on the climate that you live in, stone can actually work at insulating and weatherproofing your home far better than any other building material.

Low Maintenance

Whether you have an existing stone home that requires repairs, you are building a new custom home or you want to complete an old home redesign there are solutions that our professional stonemason can deliver for you. Ottawa Masonry & Parging Contractors stonework can give your home an entirely new look. You can take inspiration both on the exterior of your home as well as the interior as stone masonry projects can also take place inside the home and in the backyard. With our stonework we can also build beautiful natural fireplaces, barbecues, retaining walls, patios, gardens and more. These touches can give you beautiful accent pieces to your home as well as functional cooking spaces and extensions of your exterior stonemason work. Performing some of these upgrades can give your home a big boost when it comes to resale value.

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Repair services for stone usually involve filling in small cracks, repairing bricks and joints and more. Quite often stone houses don’t require much in the way of repair after they are first built but repair services are generally needed on older homes. If you live in an older home or have an older stone structure on your property we can help you revitalize these structures with the help of an expert stonemason so that they can look brand-new once again.

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